Our range of microscope slide series with text booklets is constantly updated and adapted to teaching/ and study curricula. We offer: Comprehensive Sets: Subject topics summarised in basic or supplementary Sets. Detail Sets: Small collections for special areas of interest, e.g. systems of organs, representative and typical members of important groups of animals and plants, physiological and ecological subjects.

School Sets for General Biology – Series for Secondary Schools – Histology and Human Science – Zoology – Parasites and Pathogenic Bacteria – Comparative Microscopic Anatomy of Animals – Botany – Cytology – Embryology – Genetics – Ecology and Environment – Technology – Vocational Training – Test Slides, Type Plates, Circular Preparations – Rocks and Minerals, Ground Thins

Individual slides from the systematic ordering in our catalogue are available on request. Individual compilation from Sets and single slides is possible.

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School Sets for General Biology. The ABCD media system provides an overview of all areas of biological study under the microscope, aligned with today's science school curricula and practical courses at universities. With our media system, the learner himself becomes an explorer and researcher in microscopic biology.

The basic components of the Mediasystem are the four microscope slide school Sets A, B, C and D.
The Sets are systematically arranged and compiled in relevance with the corresponding animal or plant groups.

„We were thrilled and impressed by the preparations. Thank you very much for your brilliant and excellent support.“



LIEDER offers a new range of MULTIMEDIA PACKAGES OF LIFE SCIENCE for interactive learning and teaching in school and education.The new media aim to give a strictly outlined synopsis of all those lines of biology important for instruction at schools, colleges and universities and suitable for working with the microscope. We offer Teacher Packages and Student Sets.

Well selected media packages of 6 and 12 units with microscope slides, overhead transparencies, sketch- and work sheets, descriptions and pictures of the drawings serve the teacher to work with the subject during the lessons.

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Interactive teaching and learning media on CDROM. The developed LIEDER CD programme for interactive teaching brings comprehensive teaching and learning material for use in science teaching and for self-study. The CDs contain a large number of anatomical colour plates, micro- and macro-photographs, colour photos of animals and plants, schematic pictures, graphics and drawings. Detailed explanatory texts.

A type of “MicroScope” opens up a view into the micro world. “MicroScope”. Our CDs contain a test programme with which the acquired knowledge can be tested at various levels.

  • Special accompanying material, enables creative learning.
  • Drawing and worksheets as accompanying material for class tests
  • Demo and presentation programme
  • Picture gallery
  • Index system

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Unsere Spezielangebote umfassen:

  • Microscopic preparations in systematic ordering subdivided according to subject areas. Individual preparations of special slides and other staining methods/ fluorescence on request.
  • Overhead transparency atlases..Extensive pictorial material (anatomicalcolour plates, schematic pictures, graphics anddrawings, life pictures, coloured micro and colour plates, schematic pictures, graphics anddrawings, life pictures, coloured micro and drawings, life pictures, coloured micro and macrophotographs, diagrams and tables)and detailed, illustrated explanatory texts and detailed, illustrated explanatory texts (A4 format). 
  • Micro slides and biological light image seriesLIEDER color slides and biological photomicrographs are mounted between glass in solid dust-proof frames size 5 x 5 cm. They are available in complete sets and series or as individual slides. 

For the microscope slides in systematic order, slides and overhead transparency atlases listed in our delivery programme, please contact us directly so that we can make you a non-binding offer.

„Thank you very much for sending us the microscope slides. We have already looked at all the objects. We have to admit thatall the slides are of excellent quality.“