LIEDER MICROSCOPE SLIDES are produced in our laboratories under scientific supervision. They are the result of decades of experience in all areas of preparation technology. The production of the microtome sections is carried out by experienced specialists, cutting technology and section thickness are adapted to the objects. From the large number of staining methods commonly used in microscopy, we choose those that combine a clear and high contrast representation of the desired structures with the best durability. In most cases, this involves complex multiple dyeings.

LIEDER MICROSCOPE SLIDES are delivered on finely edged Microscope Slides in the format 26 X 76 MM. The pictures in our catalogue and given with the offer are original photomicrographs taken from slides prepared slides in our own laboratories. They can give you an impression of the shape of organs, thickness and staining methods of the sections. But please note: Color and shape of ordered items may differ from the images due to natural variation of biological material. Every item is unique and intricately crafted by hand. Individual variations may differ from the pictures.

“Due to the very high quality of your microscope slides, I like to use them as references for determinations.”



All LIEDER prepared microscope slides are expertly produced in our own laboratories by a staff of 30 well-trained scientists and technicians under rigorous scientific control. They are the product of long experience combined with the most up to date techniques.

LIEDER microscope slides meet all scientific requirements.

„We are currently using some slides for ovaries, manufactured by your company and are very satisfied with them.“




The service life of a microscopic preparation depend on the technical and preparatory effort involved in its manufacture. The manufacturing of prepared microscope slides is a long, difficult, painstaking and costly process, and there are companies trying to shorten and simplify the process of manufacturing with the result of fading colors, bubbles and clouding mounting media after short time.

However, a carefully and professionally manufactured microscope preparation should last much longer than the two years by law. Due to the special and complex preparation methods used in our laboratories, we can give a guarantee on the shelf life of our microscope slides for 20 years. The prerequisite of this long guarantee is that the slides are stored on a cool and dark place.

„We confirm that we were fully satisfied with the quality and shelf life of the slides at all times during the entire period. All the goods delivered complied with the scientific standard at all times and did not give any cause for complaint.““